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Abha is one of the most beautiful cities in the Saudi Arabia for travel and tourism.  Having opened its doors at the tail end of the 1970s, Abha Airport is relatively new. Nowadays, it’s mainly utilized for domestic flights, although it still gets a lot of inexpensive airlines from the Middle East. Around one million passengers use it annually, and the airport’s one long runway and huge, well-appointed terminal provide all the amenities they could want.

Do you plan to travel to Abha? Are you eager to learn more about Abha? Are you worried and perplexed by city transportation? Luckily, Al Fateh Transport offers the ideal respond to for all of your travel requirements, including Abha Airport Taxi service and Abha Airport Transfer to and from Abha Airports. For all of your demands relating to airport taxi services and transfers in Abha, Al Fateh Transport is the solution.

To book an airport to or from Abha Airport, contact Al Fateh Transport. You can be assured that you will always get the best prices and transport services.  Our professional drivers will ensure your trip from or to Abha Airport is as comfortable as possible.

Abha airport parking

You can avoid the hassle of Abha airport parking fees and space with an airport taxi transfer. Our professional drivers will be waiting for you right outside the airport departure date, with clean and comfortable cars already parked at the airport parking.

Upon your departure from Abha, the taxi service can be prepared to take you back to the airport. The taxi driver, luggage assistance if required, and the kind, efficient service can all be part of the transportation package once again. For professional and leisure travelers, we offer a cost-effective and stress-free airport shuttle service to Abha Airport.

Abha airport parking

Taxi Fare

Taxi fares to and from Abha airport depend on the distance you travel and the type of vehicle you want to choose for your taxi from the airport. Al Fateh Transport offers your professional airport transfer with economical choices.

We are a car rental and taxi transport working 24/7, with the most comfortable fleets available at affordable costs, and we can be found across Saudi Arabia.


No, at Al Fateh transport, there are fixed price of hiring airport taxi and it is decided at the time of booking. You don’t need to pay extra charges after booking. Al Fateh Transport is dedicated to offer professional services to make your travel smooth and comfortable.

At Al Fateh Transport, we strive to reschedule your taxi from Abha Airport if you notify us immediately of any delays, since our drivers are always receiving the most recent information.

If you changе your travеl plan an’ want to cancеl thе booking and thеn you havе to inform us 24 hours bеforе thе booking datе. Othеrwisе, you will bе chargеd for cancеllation.

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