Riyadh International Airport taxi service

Alfatеh transport warmly welcome the passengers at Riyadh international airport. It is another busiest international airport in the country, also offers many facilities. It delivers more than 28 million passengers to about 92 different locations every year.

Riyadh International Airport is conveniently located north of the city’s central business center. Currently, Riyadh International Airport has five passenger terminals; three of them are in service.

  • Terminal 1: The first terminal, Terminal 1, oversees all international planes that land at the airport.
  • Terminal 2: The only foreign aircraft using Terminal 2 belong to the SkyTeam alliance.
  • Terminal 3: Terminal 3 closed due to improvements being made there. This was mainly for domestic flights.
  • Terminal 4: Another terminal closed now is Terminal 4, which is also closed for repairs.
  • Terminal 5: The newest terminal to be added to the airport’s lineup is Terminal 5. The only airlines that use this facility while operating are Saudia for their local flights.

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Riyadh International Airport Taxi Parking

You don’t need to pay for airport parking when you book your taxi with Al Fateh Transport. Our professional drivers will be there for you exact outside the airport’s departure gate. Our clean and comfortable vehicles are available at the Riyadh International Airport parking.

Book with us to deliver you the fastest, safest, and most affordable airport taxis. We provide this service 24/7. When you compare your taxi fare to traditional metered taxis that take people to and from the airport, you may save significant money.

Riyadh international airport taxi parking

Taxi Fare

Taxis to and from Riyadh King Khalid Airport have set costs; each destination has an agreed-upon price.   The taxi fare for Riyadh international airport depends on a number of factors but the average cost of airport taxi will be around 150 SAR. Due to the airport’s location, the north of the city is less expensive than a taxi to the south.

Contact Al Fateh Transport, your online booking gateway for safe and affordable airport transfers, to book a taxi to and from Riyadh King Khalid Airport. No need to worry—all charges are included, cancelation is free, and your driver will meet you inside the airport.


Our drivers are always informed, so please contact us immediately if there are any delays. We can reschedule your trip.

Thе distancе bеtwееn Riyadh intеrnational airport and Makkah is about 900 km. Your travеl timе dеpеnds on traffic and wеathеr conditions. On avеragе it takеs 8 to 9 hours from Riyadh intеrnational airport to Makkah. It also variеs upon your drop off location. Book your airport taxi sеrvicеs with Al Fatеh Transport to makе your travеl smooth an’ rеlaxеd.

No, there are no additional fees than your committed taxi fare decided at the time of booking. Al Fateh Transport offers fair and transparent airport taxi booking services. Our team of professional drivers is polite and supportive of you during your travel.

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