At-Turaif District

A Journey Through At-Turaif District

Just inside the confines of Saudi Arabia, there lies a hidden gem of the past – the At-Turaif District. Situated to the north west of Riyadh, this is home to the lost wonders of the first Saudi state and a living history tour into an age of mud brick palaces and rich Saudi culture. Embark on a 400-year journey through time and discover why At-Turaif District should be your next travel destination:Embark on a 400-year journey through time and discover why At-Turaif District should be your next travel destination:

A Legacy Etched in Mudbrick

Take a guided tour of the impressive ruins of the once-great mudbrick palace of a dynasty. Smack in the middle of the city is the famous Salwa Palace, earlier the hub of power and authorities, marvelous examples of the architectural brilliance of the period are not far to seek. Effective use of courtyards to control temperatures and superb details on the outer appearance of the building give a glimpse of life within the palace compounds. Try visiting other important building’s remains like the Najdi houses with their unique and visually striking air towers to learn more about the architecture of the Najd territories.

Beyond the Walls of Power

At-Turaif District was not only the heart of political sphere; it was also a significant focus of trade and exhibitions. Visit reconstructed marketplaces that were once filled with life, and learn about skills, trades, and products central to the lifestyle of the society. In Historic Buildings, you can leisurely stroll through authentic period homes featuring layouts and interiors that have been faithfully recreated for visitors to witness what the lives of the dwellers’ are believed to be like centuries ago. Try to picturize that city waking up with the sonnets of daily chorus; and the variety of the cultures which were thriving in those corridors.

Modern Enhancements for a Timeless Experience

At the same time, being rich in history the At-Turaif District has all the facilities of a modern museum where tourists will not lose comfort while adopting knowledge. While in the informative exhibits the viewers receive historical background and additional inferences, in the restored structures, getting an eye to them, one can understand how people used to live like in a different epoch. The virtual reality tour is one of the most interesting parts, as it allows people to have a sightseeing tour through the At-Turaif in the past and feel the royal presence.

Planning Your Journey to At-Turaif District:

The At-Turaif District is always open for tourists throughout the year. Nevertheless, the best time to visit the historical site is during the cooler season that is between November and March. It is free to enter, and visitors can opt for different languages of guided tours to appreciate the importance of the district.

Getting There with Ease

The nearest airport is King Khalid International Airport located in Riyadh. From there, it is also possible to get a taxi service and get to At-Turaif District conveniently, or organize a comfortable private car. Thus, with the help of Al Fatah Transport taxi, one of the most reliable taxi service in Saudi Arabia, your trip to At-Turaif District will be quite comfortable. Get in touch with us now for your airport transfer to this historical site or hotel transfer.

It will be indeed an exhilarating ride that will take you through the mysteries of Saudi Arabia’s history. Leave all the transportation hassles to Al Fatah Transport so that you can revel in forging memories while discovering the advance history of At-Turaif District.

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