Historic Jeddah

A Journey Through Historic Jeddah

The Old Jeddah or Al-Balad is a city with a long history of cultural development that attracts many visitors. Located on the eastern coast of Red Sea, it provides tourists with a rather fascinating look at the traces of Saudi Arabia history. Here’s why Historic Jeddah should be on your travel radar:

  • A Living Museum: Take a trip back in time and get lost within the alleyways which are filled with coral-stone buildings. Marvel at the original eclectic style; pay attention to the wooden balconies named mashrabiya to avoid overheating in the hot climate and as a symbol of modesty.
  • A Cultural Melting Pot: Jeddah has always been the gateway to Makkah for trade and pilgrimage and as such people from different cultures have always visited the city. Visit the numerous souqs it is a good way to meet lots of traditional crafts, spices, fabrics, and local food.
  • Architectural Marvels: The Al-Nassif House and Al-Jamjoom House are both worth visiting, being traditional Hijazi buildings with large vertical fronts and internal courtyards. Some of the existing historical mosques include Al-Qabal Mosque & Al Shafi’i Mosque that depicts Islamic architectural culture of the city.
  • A Feast for the Senses: Feel the joyful spirit of Historic Jeddah as you go through different sections of this virtual tour. Delight in traditional Saudi meals – fragrance of hot soups, fish and seafood, etc. Savor the liveliness of the ambiance which is full of people’s chatter and voices of street sellers.
  • Gateway to Adventure: Visitors can use the historic Jeddah as a starting point to explore other regions of the Saudi Arabia.Real. This can be to the historical city of Mada’in Saleh (Hegra) or to the seasides of the Red Sea.
    Planning Your Visit:

It is recommended to visit Historic Jeddah during the months of winter and autumn, which are from November to March. Some of the airlines that have service that operates into jeddah are; The accommodation available vary from historical guesthouses in the old city to more contemporary hotels in the vicinity.

Exploring Historic Jeddah

The best way to navigate the historic center is walking since it makes it easier to appreciate the area. Taxis can be easily hired for travelling to other areas of Jeddah as well. Alternatively, this tour is also provided as a walking tour, which provides a bird’s eye view of the places by an expert guide.

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Experience the Magic of Historic Jeddah with Al Fatah Transport

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