AlUla Desert Blaze 2024

AlUla Desert Blaze 2024

Running together for endurance athletic and desert self-sufficient challenge. AlUla Desert Blaze challenge you to compete against yourself among the AlUla Desert’s stunning views and the hot summer breeze in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Make sure to attend the race briefing on Friday, the 23rd of August and be ready to race on Saturday, the 24th of August.

This is not just your regular race or your common jog. The AlUla Desert Blaze is a challenge that allows one to face extreme conditions during exploration in one of the most significant historical monuments. AlUla has relatively favorable summer temperatures different from other regions in the Kingdom; brace yourself for one of the hottest races in Saudi Arabia. Have no fear though– the breathtaking views and personal satisfaction only achievable through such a climb will make each and every bead of sweat worth every effort.

Choose Your Blaze

The AlUla Desert Blaze accommodates every runner as there are different distances that are available depending on your training and goals.

5km: Good for the first-timers or those who would love to exercise while having the view of the Ramsar site.

  • 10km: Crank it up a notch and get the desert feel but for just a slightly longer run.
  • 21km (Half Marathon): Challenge yourself even more and achieve the half marathon distance, challenge yourself and enjoy the battle.
  • 42km (Full Marathon): For the diehard warriors of the desert, the full marathon is where you can carve your niche and define AlUla as your terrain.

Beyond the Finish Line

  • The AlUla Desert Blaze is a much more than a race because it provides a sort of experience. By the time that you subdue the course, you will be in the middle of the flexible terrains of AlUla.
  • Historic Landmarks: The race route is designed to pass through significant landmarks and while running, people get to discover the cultural value of the area. You may run past the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra – a beautiful Nabataean tombs’ city that will take your breath away.
  • Modern Marvels: It may also challenge you with modern marvels like the Maraya, the biggest mirrored building globally, giving you an oriental feel against the traditional setting.

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