Things to do in Abha

Things to do in Abha

Abha city, located on the southern shore of the Red Sea, is the province capital of the Asir. Due to its being located in a beautiful area throughout history and the richness of its activities, Abha has such kinds of activities. Museums, monumental sites, national reserves, informative centres, and many others can be spotted around the capital. In Asir National Park, bird viewers may go on a birding trip, and nature lovers can also offer nature walks and adventure routes.

Visitors can also enjoy breathtaking views of Art Street, the Al Dhabab promenade, and fantastic artwork. The Abha Dam is a stunning site that is well worth seeing. Let us discuss the great things to do in Abha.

Best Time To Visit Abha

Abha is open all year round, April through November is the ideal time to take in the stunning scenery. These months provide good weather with mild temperatures.

Best Things To Do In Abha

Here is the list of best things to do in Abha to make your trip memorable.

Asir National Park

Asir National Park

When it was created in 1981, Asir National Park covered 6490 square kilometers. Discovering its unspoiled wildness and abundant natural splendor is an amazing experience. 

This area’s colourful environment includes:

  • Mangroves along the beach.
  • A diversity of plant species.
  • A small flora of desert plants.

It is the first national park, with 67 campgrounds, 45 picnic areas, and 300 bird species. The park also has play areas and hiking routes.

Take A Look Around The Abha Airport Park

Abha Airport Park gets its name due to its close proximity to the Abha International Airport. This park, which spans a vast 1,25,000 square meters, can be reached by car in about five minutes. The children’s playground here is ideal for your little kid, with swings and monkey bars!

Abha Airport Park is a charming location for picnics and a gourmet paradise because of the breathtaking Abha scenery surrounding it! You can provide a diverse range of flavours by enjoying regional cuisine outside. This makes it a particularly wonderful spot to spend an evening as you can sit back and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere while seeing the splendor of this charming city.

Al Salam Park Abha

You may want to check out Al Salam Park, which attracts a lot of visitors each year, while you’re in Abha. One of the best things to do in Abha with kids is to visit this fantastic amusement park.

One of the main hubs for entertainment in Abha is Al Salam Park, where you can enjoy playing a range of electronic games, including ones for younger players.

Abu Kheyal Park

Abu Kheyal Park offers many amazing activities for families or friends. With its expansive green spaces and a wide variety of trees, this park is one of the greatest in Abha and among the city’s top tourist destinations.

The best way to spend a weekend relaxing and taking in the fresh air with your family or friends is to stroll through Abu Kheyal Park, which has a lot of beautiful green grass areas, leafy trees, and sitting areas. There are also many beautiful fountains and magnificent water ponds.

Go to The Art Street, Abha

The Art Street, Abha

Anybody planning a trip to Abha might wonder what the city’s most well-known and enjoyable streets are for tourists. Art Street is one of the more intriguing streets since it is 200 meters long and is regarded as a beautiful street due to its variety of amenities and activities. Thus, Art Street is one of the top tourist destinations in Abha, Saudi Arabia.

The various stores on the street and the restaurants and cafés that offer exquisite selections you will adore really double the street’s charm.

In addition to this, there are some exquisite musical performances and some unprofessional performers who put on quite stunning exhibitions.

Village of Rijal Alma

Village of Rijal Alma

Rijal Alma Village, a world heritage site, is one of the best spots to explore in this stunning Saudi Arabian hill station. Situated approximately 1.5 hours’ drive from Abha, this location is well-known for its unconventional thrills. Travelers are drawn to this quaint village in the Asir Region by its stunning scenery and classical beauty. You can drive here to see the village’s breathtaking splendor.

The Valley of Al-Habala

The Valley of Al-Habala

Al-Habala, which means “rope” in Arabic, is a stunning valley 20 minutes from Abha. This location acquired its name from the days when the only way to get to this settlement was via ropes and pulleys. Trade with the surrounding territories made extensive use of these ropes. One of the greatest destinations in the Middle East is the area, which is also referred to as the hanging village.

Travelers arrive at this location via cable car, which transports them to the valley where they may take in the breathtaking views from above. Enjoying delectable meals and snacks from the neighborhood cafés and eateries, as well as unwinding by the waterfall, are both enjoyable. With its breathtaking mountains, lush vegetation, and gushing waterfalls, this is the perfect picnic location for those looking for an amazing experience.

Give Yourself A Taste of Delicious Local Cuisine

Delicious Local Cuisine

A vacation or journey is only complete with some good. After all, delectable food is necessary for a great holiday to replenish vital vitality! You won’t have to worry, though, because Abha has an abundance of delicious local cuisine that will leave you with options.

Were you aware that the cuisine in this area is usually hearty? Yes, this results from the active lifestyle that people lead here! There’s something for everyone here, whether the soft Miva Bread or Haneeth, a slow-cooked lamb meal!

Bottom Line

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