Things To Do In Alula

Things To Do In Alula

Despite the rapid completion of Saudi’s future project aims, one of the kingdom’s tourist attractions has been shown as the dynamic destination that intrepid travellers prefer. AlUla is where nature and architecture blend into one of the world’s best-looking spots. It is even harder to choose which is the most beautiful than the other.

The Middle East has a destination that is like no other. Al Ula is where you will fully relax no matter why you decide to be there since the emotions, zeal, and [content removed] are persistent and intriguing. AlUla, a key attraction that answers all nationality needs and captivates the eye, is the showstopper of the natural beauty of Saudi Arabia, making sure tourists come from everywhere.

You might think of elaborating on remarkable geological structures, historically significant tombs, and an oasis with over two million palms. We have compiled a list of favorite this to di in AlUla according to tourists taste.

is Tabuk. Tabuk is among the biggest towns in Saudi Arabia’s north, and it serves as the principality of the Tabuk region’s headquarters.

Rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty, the region provides various activities. Additionally, here are our top recommendations for things to do in Tabuk if you’re looking for the most enjoyable ones. Let’s first discuss about the weather in Tabuk and sightseeing.

Old Town of AlUla

Old Town of AlUla

Visiting AlUla Old Town is among the top activities to do in AlUla. The ancient town, which was formerly home to over 900 residences, stores, and town squares, still has parts of the original mudbrick dwellings that were constructed here, and a citadel stands watch over the area. You must take a guided tour in order to see this area of the old town. You may schedule a guided tour at the office at the end of the street or online at

You can discover AlUla old town on your own, starting with the charming Old Town Market Street. The market strip is lined with specialty stores offering regional goods, little boutiques, and handicraft stores.

Taxis are a convenient way to get to the old town, and there is parking close by if you choose to drive yourself.

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock

A very popular activity in Al Ula is visiting Elephant Rock (Jabal AlFil). As you may have guessed, this unusual and spectacular rock formation is shaped like an elephant. There is a fenced-in area around the rock, but admission is free.

Several eateries and drink establishments are inside the area, as well as plenty of seating. The circular couches in front of Elephant Rock are among the most well-liked spots to hang out. Nothing compares to the enchanting sight of the region lit up by many little lamps as the sun begins to drop.

It is only available in the afternoons, starting at 16.00. Just before sunset is the ideal time to see Elephant Rock in Ulla. That is when the colors and light are most exquisite.

The Banyan Tree's Pools

The Banyan Tree's Pools

Squeezed between towering rocks with views over the Ashar Valley, the magnificent infinity pool at the Banyan Tree AlUla is only accessible to guests. So, if you want to capture a photo for your feed, you must fork over a substantial amount of money for this genuinely remarkable experience.

Looking past the edge of the rock pool, you can see the fantastic valley-hugging natural structures sculpted over thousands of years by wind and water, as well as the most famous artificial monument in AlUla today, the mirror-covered Maraya.

Whether you float in the pool’s waters under the intense midday sun or at sunset, when the surrounding valley landscape takes on a beautiful golden hue, the pool’s modest size makes the experience even more intimate and inspires peaceful thought. While it may be tempting to jam as much sightseeing into a day at AlUla as possible, this location deserves some alone time for rest.

Maraya AlUla: The Musical Venue

Maraya AlUla The Musical Venue

One of the things to do in AlUla is to see Maraya AlUla, a very remarkable tower that is both weird and cool. It is a music venue in the Ashar Valley’s desert canyon in the AlUla desert. This one is the largest mirrored building in the entire world. In addition to serving as a concert hall, the magnificent building is a significant location for many artistic and entertainment activities.

Hejaz Railway Station: The Living Museum

Hejaz Railway Station The Living Museum

The railway station is situated on the ancient trade routes that connect the holy towns of Makkah and Madinah with Egypt and the Levant. The construction of railway lines was done with the intention of shortening pilgrims’ journey times and improving their safety. Despite World War 1 preventing the completion of the Hejaz railway project, the station is a fantastic reminder of the railways of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Jabal Khuraybah - The Lion's Tomb

Jabal Khuraybah - The Lion's Tomb

AlUla’s Jabal Khuraybah is a mountain that is home to several historic rock inscriptions and an old castle. The most striking building in Jabal Khuraibah is the rock-cut Tomb, which is situated at the base of the hill. The two lions that are sculpted on either side of the entryway give rise to the name Tomb of the Lion. Kurabibi is home to a massive headless sandstone figure that forms a broken fortress city with stone walls and steps connecting all three crags.

Dadan And Jabal Ikmah

Dadan And Jabal Ikmah

The discovery of the ancient city of Dadan was one of the most significant finds at AlUla, one that caused the international archeological community to take notice. This magnificent stone city, which was formerly the capital of the Dadan and Lihyan kingdoms more than 2,000 years ago, is home to well-known tombs that were expertly and cleanly carved into the red granite cliff walls. Jabal Ikmah is only a ten-minute drive away.

This “open-air library,” which is situated in a breathtaking desert canyon, is the largest of its kind in Saudi Arabia and boasts the most remarkable collection of petroglyphs, rock art, and inscriptions in AlUla.

Harrat Viewpoint

Harrat Viewpoint

Harrat Viewpoint is an open-air seating area and viewpoint. All are invited to stay for free, for whatever long or short a duration they like. Kids are welcome, regardless of age.


Hegra alula

Hegra, a city inhabited since before the first millennium BCE, is well-known for its more than 110 exquisitely preserved tombs made of desert rock, where the aristocracy of the Nabataeans was interred. Certain rooms have inscriptions that describe the deceased, who could be a local leader, a soldier, or a healer.

AlUla Oasis Trail

AlUla Oasis Trail

The Oasis perfectly captures the beauty and history of AlUla with its picture-perfect location and verdant walks covered by palm trees. The Heritage Oasis Trail meanders through it, providing a leisurely stroll for you to enjoy while you take in the peace and natural beauty of this unique location.

Take A Nighttime Hike

Take A Nighttime Hike AlUla

There is plenty to do in AlUla during the summer, but winter is when it comes alive. Hiking at night into the Hidden Valley of the Sharaan Nature Reserve with adventure operator Husaak is one of the most significant ways to take in the scenery without the heat of the midday sun. Plan your hike around a full moon so you can view the surrounding sands shadowed by the Sandstone Mountains.

You will see a starry sky when you go outside on a moonless night. Even in the summer, it can get cool in the desert after sundown, so pack an additional layer.

Book Taxi in AlUla

One may wonder if seeing Al Ula is feasible without a rented car. It is quite conceivable. Our website almost always allow you to book private drivers, even though you might only see a few official-looking taxis around.

Before your tour begins, if you don’t have a car, you must arrange for a taxi or other transportation from your place of stay to AlUla.

When organizing your trip to AlUla, remember to book your taxi with Al Fatah Transport. With our dependable taxi services and skilled drivers, we’ll ensure you can discover everything AlUla offers in comfort and style. Make travel arrangements with us to start your amazing adventure through AlUla’s attractions!

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