Things to Do in Tabuk

Things to Do in Tabuk

One of the most popular places for tourists visiting Saudi Arabia is Tabuk. Tabuk is among the biggest towns in Saudi Arabia’s north, and it serves as the principality of the Tabuk region’s headquarters.

Rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty, the region provides various activities. Additionally, here are our top recommendations for things to do in Tabuk if you’re looking for the most enjoyable ones. Let’s first discuss about the weather in Tabuk and sightseeing.

The Weather In Tabuk

The summers in Tabuk are long and hot, with a strong wind from the desert. The winters are chilly and rather brief. Throughout the year, there are around 0.1 inches of rain on average every month.

Temperature in Tabuk

The typical summer temperature in Tabuk is between 39°C (maximum) and 25°C (minimum), while the typical winter temperature is between 18°C (maximum) and 4°C (min.).

Exploring Tabuk

Tabuk is a well-known travel destination with an abundance of places to view. Travelers may spend a day in the desert engaging in various desert activities or visit the mountains near Tabuk to get a captivating perspective of the valley. Additionally, one may explore the many tourist attractions found in the magnificent city of Tabuk.

Mountains of Tabuk

Several mountains around Tabuk provide excellent camping and trekking areas. These mountains, which span a large area and include sandstone cliffs and prehistoric rock paintings, are incredibly beautiful. One of Saudi Arabia’s tallest mountains, Jabal al Lawz, is located in Tabuk. “Mountain of Almonds” is another name for the mountain. Jabal Maqla, another imposing mountain near Tabuk, rises to an amazing 2,326 meters in height. Jabal al Qalom, Jabal Ferwa, Jabal Shar, and Jabal Ad-dhahr are other prominent mountains.

Tabuk Desert

The vast desert of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, is home to several old and historic buildings, including Maghaer Shuaib. Sand provides great opportunities for desert activities like dune buggy bashing and camel safari. Renting a 4×4 car is another option for getting about the desert. In addition, the desert has a number of campsites where visitors may spend the night beneath the stars.

Popular Places To Visit In Tabuk

Here are most popular places to visit in Tabuk.

Hejaz Railway Station

Hejaz Railway Station

One of the attractions to see in Tabuk is the Hejaz station line, which is situated on a railway that links the two holy towns of Medina and Mecca. This abandoned railway station is located about an hour’s drive northwest of Medina on Al Ula Road. It has been transformed into a museum where you can view a variety of locomotives, trains, and carriages formerly used to travel the railway. You may learn about the past of the station by looking at the artifacts, documents, and historical photos that depict its history.

Tabuk Castle

Tabuk Castle

One of the best things to do in Tabuk is to visit the Tabuk Castle when you are touring this historic city. Built in 1559, the mediaeval castle still stands proudly and regally today as a museum that highlights Tabuk’s distinct aspect. The location displaces a sizable collection of religious and historical items from Tabuk’s past, particularly those from the Ottaman era.

The castle, which has a mosque on the ground level, a lovely open courtyard, a second mosque on the second floor, and a few watchtowers, represents the classic Tabuki architecture. You should visit the castle if you want to learn more about Tabuk’s past.

Rebuilt in 1559, Tabuk Castle is now a museum featuring numerous rooms filled with fascinating Ottoman-era artefacts and plenty of information about the city’s history, its connection to the Prophet Muhammad, and some well-known explorers, such as Ibn Battuta and Evliya Celebi. The castle has a mosque on the ground level, an open courtyard to the public, a staircase leading to the mosque on the second floor, and watchtowers. Cisterns outside were originally used to hold water from a spring that the prophet Muhammad is said to have drunk.

Tabuk Castle is open Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Tabuk Souq

The Souqs of the Arabic nations are well-known. Thus, a trip to the Tabuk souq is a must if you visit Tabuk! Tabuk Souq is an ideal spot for you whether you’re looking for the cutest trinkets to bring home for your loved ones or just want to feel the residents’ enthusiasm and have an in-depth knowledge of Tabuk culture.

The souq is a collection of hundreds of stores that offer just about everything. It has everything, including gold jewellery, street cuisine, local handicrafts, antiques, carpets, and traditional clothing. Enjoy the sellers and stroll through the souq while indulging in the greatest street cuisine.

Al Tawba Mosque

Al Tawba Mosque

One of Tabuk’s greatest attractions is Al Tawba Mosque, which will transport you on a fantastic trip through Islamic history. The historic mosque, constructed using bricks, mud and palm tree trunks, is a beautiful example of the period’s conventional building techniques. When Prophet Muhammad and his 30,000 troops landed at this palace in AD 630 for the Battle of Tabuk against the Byzantines, it is said that he prayed there. The mosque lacks a women’s area and exudes a lovely sense of place. Even if you are a non-Muslim attending the mosque, make sure you follow its norms and manners.

Wadi Al Disah

Wadi Al Disah, which is part of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserves, resembles a vast desert with pockets of lakes, palm trees, and long grasses. Its remarkable wind-sculpted sandstone columns distinguish it. Another name for it is the Valley of the Palms. The expansive valley offers breathtaking scenery that is perfect for pictures. It’s a great place for hikers because of its breathtaking sunsets. It also has a large number of historic structures and ruins that date back to the Nabatean period.

Maghaer Shuaib

Maghaer Shuaib is located in the western region of Tabuk, amid the reddish desert.  Within the sandstone cliffs of this natural wonder are exquisitely sculpted tombs and facades. Moses lived in this historical marvel for ten years following his escape from Egypt. Before going back to Egypt, Moses resided in Maghaer Shuaib under the protection of Prophet Shuaib.

Bottom line

Tabuk is one of the most visually appealing locations for both the eyes and the soul, with an abundance of breathtaking sites to explore. Additionally, there are many restaurants and retail establishments due to the large number of tourists. The greatest traditional offerings may be found in souks and malls. Additionally, Tabuk’s restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, from delectable local delicacies to worldwide menu items.

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