Secrets of Hegra – A Journey Through Time

Located in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, Hegra, the old city is also known as Mada’in Saley, has been beautifully carved out in the form of sandstone cliff. Hegra that used to be a capital of the Nabataean kingdom is welcoming the tourists with a marvelous sight of the forgotten times. Here’s why you should consider adding this historical marvel to your travel bucket list:

Step Back in Time

Just think of the thrill of strolling through a city that has been crafted by hand for more than two thousand years. The Nabataeans were great engineers and this can be seen in the excellence of the tombs, temples and dwelling places they constructed at Hegra. Visit the Mada’in Saleh Museum and display muchoods of a variety of interesting artifacts and learn the architectural elegance of the Jabal al-Madhbah or the Theatre and the Qasr al-Farid or the Lonely Castle.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site:

By being awarded a World Heritage Site status, Hegra represents an important site for humanity. The buildings in this city are very old and it feels more like a tour through and open museum where one can learn about a certain civilization that dominated areas involved in the trade of incense.

A Blend of Natural Beauty and History:

Hegra is so much more than a celebration of human endeavour. The skyline of Towering sandstone cliffs surrounding the city will give you an awe inspiring atmosphere for your adventures. Go for a climb and get views at the top of Jabal al-Madhbah or channel your Inner Jack and Rose and climb your way to Elephant Rock.

Modern Conveniences for Ancient Discoveries:

Hegra does not have a restaurant or shops of its own, but all the modern comforts are available with a car ride of 30 minutes to AlUla. Tourists can get accommodation in Hegra through the different types of hotels which AlUla provides to accommodate tourists while they explore the attraction sites.

Plan Your Hegra Adventure with Al Fatah Transport:

AlUla International Airport is the closest airport to the location. If you wish to travel without complications then, you can contact Al Fatah Transport; this is a reputable company in the region providing transport services.

Contact us now to book your journey! The adventure of a lifetime is here where you will get a blend of cultural experience and natural magnificent caves. Don’t wait and book your trip with us today and unveil the enchanting histories of this timeless Arabian gem.

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