Things To Do In Riyadh This Weekend

Things To Do In Riyadh This Weekend

Are you trying to find the best things to do in Riyadh during this weekend? We ensure a few choices will grab your attention on the internet. Riyadh has something special for you this weekend, whether you want to go cultural, adventurous or just take time and relax.

Here are the best things to do in Riyadh this weekend if you’re looking for exciting things to do and delicious restaurants to try.

Best Things To Do In Riyadh This Weekend

The summers in Tabuk are long and hot, with a strong wind from the desert. The winters are chilly and rather brief. Throughout the year, there are around 0.1 inches of rain on average every month.

Explore Riyadh Season Festivals

Explore Riyadh Season Festivals

It is May and Riyadh Season is ongoing and there are so many ways for entertainment. There’s always a celebration in New Orleans, whether a street celebration, cultural fest, or concerts featuring orlists of international standard. Check out the next performances and do not forget to book your tickets in advance.

Al Faisaliah Tower

A famous building that exemplifies Saudi Arabian architectural style is the Al Faisaliah Tower that offers great views and places to eat. Overlooking the top’s of the building, the Globe restaurant comes with a dining experience that is accompanied by splendid views of Riyadh in full circle. It is a place that individual would prefer to be at when he or she wants an exciting night out.

Have Fun At Playland All Day Until It Closes

Have Fun At Playland All Day Until It Closes

This weekend is a great opportunity to have fun at Boulevard City’s PlayLand. This area is all about the rush; it has all your fun desires for you, friends and family in this section where you can find a rollercoaster, sling shots and a ferry ride. It also serves the purpose of having cafés and eateries in the area.

Visit Sociale Cafe's Art Gallery

A lively new gallery has opened in town, because of Sociale Café, a well-known café and art hub. With all of its fun events and classes, as well as its food and drinks, Sociale Café has become an important part of the capital city. Right now, there is another monthly art show going on. There are all the newest works of art made by people in the area. This month, the theme is spring. With flower fields, bright colours, and other things to see, this place will never be dull.

Check Out The Recently Opened Saddle House

Saddle House is officially open in Riyadh, which should please anyone searching for a new spot to try. The new place is located in the Diplomatic Quarter which makes it perfect for one to unwind and maybe grab a yummy dinner. It offers food such as avocado, egg toast, truffle pasta and beef tagliata among other meal selections. Except for such traditional Saddle House gourmet coffees menu there are such refreshments as smoothies and newby teas.

Plan Your Weekend In Riyadh With Al Fatah Transport

No matter what travelling needs you might have, trust Al Fatah Transport to make your weekend in Riyadh truly special. All these fantastic places, you can certainly visit with the help of our reliable and comfortable taxi services. Whether you are visiting the parks, sightseeing at historical sites or enjoying the thrilling evening life of the city, our professional chauffeurs will ensure that get you to your destination on time and in style. Book your trip with Al Fatah Transport now and make your travel to Riyadh much more convenient and pleasant. To avoid all the hassle and stress of managing transport to and from your weekend plans, let us do it for you.

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