Things to Do In Makkah

Things to Do In Makkah

The holiest city in Islam is Makkah, Saudi Arabia, which welcomes millions of pilgrims annually. Beyond the pilgrimage, Makkah offers a plethora of activities that are ideal for visitors. We have listed top things to do in Makkah.

Visit The Al-Haram Mosque

The Masjid al-Haram is a sacred venue for Muslims, regarded as as one of the most revered places on earth. It is located in the center of Makkah, the city of religion in Saudi Arabia. During the yearly Hajj pilgrimage, meaning thousands, it is assumed that more than one million worshipers may be accommodated inside this mosque – the largest in the world. A visit to the Masjid al-Haram constitutes one in the kind of experience that is so rare. Travelers would be appalled if they failed to glance at these.

The mosque has a subtle spiritual effect on me, so profound that I cannot help but feel touched and at peace. You may do tawaf (circumambulation around Kaaba) amongst the pilgrims or watch them do their rituals from a distance. Furthermore, important historical and religious landmarks like Zamzam Well and Maqam Ibrahim are undoubtedly other sites that are not less significant for Muslims and might also be located within The Masjid al-Haram.

Visit Hira Cave (Jabal Al Nour)

The first place where the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PUH), received the first revelation from Allah was in a cave known as Hira. Desert environment, climbing up a mountain to reach the cave is quite hard, even for the strong athletically. The stunning views of the foot of the holy city are a prize for the people who have reached the summit in three hours or less, and a treat for the grateful climber.

Hiking is going to be your choice among others, make sure to carry enough water and probably some nuts and fruit for you to keep your body hydrated and energized. Make a plan on how to respect and coexist, and later, on the top of the mountain, you can pray to God and thank Him. 

The Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Birthplace

The Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Birthplace

Because it enables visitors to see the place where Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born, this is one of the more sentimental Makkah attractions and things to do in Makkah. You can mingle with other guests and gain more knowledge about the early life of Islam’s most adored Prophet by visiting the library and museum that currently stands there. This is an excellent resource for learning more about the history of Islam. 

Arafat Mount (Jabal e Rehmat)

Mount Arafat is a hill to the east of Makkah, often called the Mount of Mercy or Jabal e Rehmat. It is precisely 10 kilometers from Mina, 6 kilometers from Muzdalifah, and 22 kilometers from Makkah, between Taif and Makkah.

This is where Prophet Muhammad is said to have given his last speech. For many Hajj travelers, this is one of the most fulfilling spiritual experiences. This is the place where everyone will be raised from the dead. 

It is physically taxing to walk up the hill to this holy place. Ensure you drink lots of water and give yourself enough time to relax. Even if you’re not on a pilgrimage, this is a fantastic site for prayer. 

Masjid Nimrah

Masjid Nimrah, which is situated in Waadi Urana, was built as the location of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) final sermon and congregational prayer. Continue reading to find out more about the Islamic significance of Masjid Nimrah.

Canal Of Zubaydah

One of the stunning archaeological monuments in Makkah and Al-Makarama is Canal of Zubaydah, which is well-known for its fascinating legend. It is reported that following her Hajj pilgrimage, Zubaydah, the wife of Caliph Harun al-Rashid, constructed this water canal.



Hajj travelers congregate in an open area known as Muzdalifah, which is situated between Arafat and Mina, to pray and relax. Its peace offers a special chance for introspection and meditation on one’s spiritual path.


Mina, the Saudi Arabian city of tents, is situated in the low-lying Jamarat valley, close to Makkah. After their seven rounds of ritual in Makkah, Safa, and Murah, the growing number of pilgrims departing from Makkah are accommodated in approximately 100,000 tents in the world’s largest tent city. On the final day of the Hajj, pilgrims execute a ritual known as the stoning of the Devil, which you may witness while exploring the magnificent tent city.

Jamarat Bridge

Located near Mina, just east of Makkah, is the pedestrian bridge known as the Jamarat Bridge. One of the sacred sites visited yearly by Muslims on the Islamic Hajj is the bridge. At the “Stoning of the Devil” ritual, pilgrims will be seen hitting the Big Jamarah, also known as Al-Jamrah al-Aqaba, with seven stones. The spiritual value of the human self is symbolized by the stoning of the Jamarat.

Visit the Makkah Museum

The most captivating museum for those individuals who enjoy history and culture is the Makkah Museum, which is a relevant sight in Makkah. ‘The museum aims at educating people about different aspects of the history of Makkah, the Prophet’s life (PBUH), and the religion of Islam since its beginning till now, as well as displaying the strong Islamic tradition of the city.’

Through its collection, which comprises relics and ephemerals, books, and documentary films, the museum has introduced visitors to the traditions and manners of the old Makah people. A guided tour of the museum is yet another option for visitors to explore the different rooms and learn about the displays. This tour will provide more information about Makkah’s essence in the Islamic religion. 

Al Hokair Funland

Get on the Al Hokair Funland Makkah indoor amusement park and enjoy a park with a powerful blend of lights, noises, and kid-friendly rides. This amusement park, one of Makkah’s best places to have fun, has a ton of thrilling activities and ice skating rinks divided into inner and outside squares.

Abraj Al-Bait

This tall, government-owned skyscraper complex is one of the most well-liked attractions in Makkah. It includes a prayer room for travelers to Makkah, an upmarket hotel, and a retail mall. You should locate the area even if you are away from the hotel to take in the fantastic architecture, including the clock tower. At the very top of the building, at the observatory, you can also climb to the top to take in the view. The Grand Mosque is not far from this hotel. 

Masjid Al Jinn

In Makkah, Saudi Arabia, there is a small mosque called Masjid Al Jinn that is close to Jannat Al-Mualla. Because of its Islamic significance, it is also known as the Mosque of Guards and the Mosque of Allegiance (Masjid al-Bayah). The Masjid is regarded as one of the city’s most significant and ancient mosques.

The location of Masjid Al Jinn is referenced in surah (chapter) Al-Jinn in the Quran.

Jannat e Mualla

In close proximity to The second-most well-known cemetery in the Islamic world is the Grand Mosque. Many of the Prophet (PBUH)’s forebears, including his mother Aminah, grandfather Abdul Muttalib, and first wife Khadijah, are buried in Jannat Al Mu’alla. Even prior to Mohamed (PBUH)’s birth, this ancient burial site was revered, and it still today.

Jabal Thawr (Sor)

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH spent three days hiding in a cave on this 4,610-foot peak. Many people travel to Makkah and ascend the mountain to view the cave and admire the breathtaking Saudi landscape. If you take the time to read through the account in the Quran, you will have a deeper understanding of the cave and your ascent to the summit of the mountain. 

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