Fun things to do in Jeddah

Fun things to do in Jeddah

Jeddah is an active coastal city on the Red Sea and, therefore, has many fun places to visit and things to do. Jeddah offers visitors many exciting activities and attractions that put together modern fun and culture for people living in and visiting the city. Here are some fun things to do in Jeddah

Take A Day Trip To Theme Parks

Planning to have fun with family members or friends then consider visiting a theme park in Jeddah. Ice-skating is another daring adventure and there are many other exciting rides central to Al Shallal Theme Park in addition to numerous entertainment options.

Another popular place that many people visit is Atallah Happy Land Park which has been designed with different activities together with games for tourists of all ages. These parks are always alive with fun and excitement at any one time.

Scuba Diving In The Red Sea

Scuba Diving In The Red Sea

Most visitors headed to this city to go diving and snorkeling since the waters of Jeddah boast of enormous magnificence and attractive coral reefs.

The city has many shops with equipment and guides that organize journeys for diving and snorkeling to explore the sea. It is a perfect location for a diving lover since the Red Sea offers wonderful marine life and the water is very clear.

Relax On The Beaches

Jeddah has many beautiful shores where you can relax having fun along the seashore of Jeddah. The primary places to go to for swimming or tanning or other water activities are Obhur Beach or the Silver Sands Beach. Furthermore, many beaches also encompass such things as sun beds, jet skiing, paddle boarding gears, and restaurants.

Explore The Mall Of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is among the largest shopping malls in Jeddah and offers modern shopping experience with the latest products and trends. It has diversified shopping outlet with both regional and international chains of stores, restaurants and various entertainment outlets. One can spend hours shopping, watching a movie, or doing others things that are considered as having fun.

Discover The Art Scene

Discover The Art Scene

As any art-lover can attest, Jeddah has a vibrant art niche with many art galleries and public art projects. Whether it is a piece of art from a regional artist or an international one, the best way to view modern pieces is at the Athr Gallery. As far as the import of artistic creativity in transforming the outlook of the city is concerned, a visit to Open Air Museum where number of modern sculptures and artwork is placed along the Corniche could be helpful.

Enjoy Water Sports

During water activities, especially those that require water, Red Sea is most suitable. You could also take a boat ride to visit other islands nearby in case you don’t fancy walking. Others include wind surfing, Water skiing, and para cruising. Existing water sports facilities include facilities offering initial lessons and equipment hire near Obhur and the Corniche.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Jeddah has a fast-growing and colorful food culture in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For the local food which is a must try include fresh fish, Mandi, and Kabsa. Al Baik, a famous fast-food restaurant, must-try the fried chicken that they offer. Spend some time in one of the many fancy restaurants where you get a good taste of traditional or exotic meals depending on any given theme.

Experience Jeddah Nightlife

Nightlife in the city is active and diverse as Jeddah is one of Saudi Arabia’s most liberal cities. It’s not all about the sea and sand; there are numerous restaurants and entertainment facilities, Kucuk-type cafes, and shisha lounges. One of the city’s many trendy neighborhoods, enjoy a relaxed night by the beach, listen to a concert or simply chill with friends.

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